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2 Below is a quick area from a phase on mezuzah situations from my brand-new publication on the legislations of mezuzos Mezuzah: Divine Protection as well as Blessing. The function of the mezuzah instance is to embellish and secure the mezuzah scroll. Mezuzah situations must be in excellent problem ( 3 The situation must be blocked well to ensure that the mezuzah does not get messed up from wetness from the wall4 or from rainfall.

The situation must look considerate and stunning. Each case needs to be restored occasionally5 just as somebody would renew his/her clothing and other properties. Just how much a lot more so should one renew the mezuzah instance when it comes to recognizing Hashem with the mitzvahs, as it claims, "This is my G-d as well as I will adorn Him."6 It is composed in the name of the Baal Shem Tov7 that it appertains to prevent housing the mezuzah scroll in an iron case.

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This is attached to the legislation that it is prohibited to utilize iron to chisel the stone Mizbeach (change). 8 Concerning silver as well as gold mezuzah instances, the Daas Kedoshim9 recommends that it was always avoided because of the concern that the situations would certainly be swiped. However, several in technique do not make use of any kind of metal mezuzah situations,10 even if there is no worry of them being swiped.

One may not decrease a holy item such as a Sefer Torah, tefillin or mezuzos to a reduced station of holiness11 as would be considered rude to the mitzvah. 12 A mezuzah instance that was made on Shabbos by a Jew ought to not be purchased or utilized. 13 Human figures14 (or the sunlight or moon)15 on a mezuzah instance ought to preferably be prevented for real estate a mezuzah parchment.

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17 It is as a result much better to avoid getting, utilizing, or offering such mezuzah situations. If one currently possesses such an instance as well as one does not desire to eliminate it, it appears one could abrade the nose of the toy human porcelain figurine mezuzah instance. 18 This mezuzah situation is only a profile (i.

not a full 3D image of a human), therefore, it is exempt to the above pointed out guideline. 19 However, it appears that it is still appropriate to avoid. 20 Animal pictures (in general) are not a problem. 21 Nonetheless, for a mezuzah case, because one touches it, and also some kiss it, it appears a good idea to stay clear of using this sort of situation. See Tur (Yoreh Deah 285). Tractate Sofrim 3:13. Tosfos Bava Metzia 102a. Pischei Shearim 285:25. Shemos 15:2. This is taped in Daas Kedoshim 289:1 where it is created that he heard that this uses to all metals, however, the Daas Kedoshim remained in doubt if this was also stated by the Baal Shem Tov or a listener included it on his very own, because it is implied from the Sages that the problem of reducing one's life just uses to iron (see the Magen Avraham Orach Chayim 180:4).

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For the nails that fasten the mezuzah instance to the doorpost are typically made from iron, and only concerning a table, which is likened to the Mizbeach, is there an issue of having iron (like blades on it throughout the Birkas Hamazon), yet not so concerning a mezuzah instance. See, however, the Pischei Shearim (289:86) that refutes this proof since the nails ought to not be contrasted to the case of the mezuzah due to the fact that they do not touch the mezuzah directly.

Ibid. See Nesivim Bisdeh Hashlichus Vol. 1 (p. 94)that brings this practice in the name of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. See likewise Pischei Shearim (289:86) that estimates this method in the name of the Skolia Rebbe. Menachos 32a. R. Moshe Weiner composes: Along with lowering the holiness of the tefillin battim, one is disrespecting the tefillin battim (for one had to pierce openings in them).



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