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Published Nov 19, 21
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How would an individual be able to rely upon an individual who should meet thousands of laws if that person was not God-fearing?! Would the person inform the customer if he had altered something prohibited to do and if not, can we picture the huge selection of non-kosher spiritual products we would discover ourselves faced with every day without ever understanding it?! Therefore, to those who want to pursue the research study of Sofrut and to end up being qualified Sofrim, please note, that acceptance to learning means at the very minimum that: The prospective trainee follows in the instructions of mainstream Orthodox Judaism The prospective trainee need to be Shomer Shabbat The potential trainee should abide by the laws of Kashrut The potential student if married must satisfy the laws of Taharat Ha, Mishpachah.

Thanks for appreciating and understanding the significance of all these points. Together with the above points and a strong commitment to study the countless laws and put in the needed time to discover them and to practise your writing, you will stand the very best chance of achieving success and bringing blessing to so numerous of the Jewish individuals in the future! The Story About My Own Sofer Teacher, The Last Soviet Sofer! Where does it all start and have you found anybody in your location ready to teach and who is certified to teach? From my own struggle at working through the product and discovering the best individuals to find out from I well know what's required and I desire to share that with you.

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There are many crucial variables associated with becoming a Sofer. Reb Eliyahu reserves the right to teach just those prepared to be spoken with and offer any needed evidence of Jewishness and recommendation letters from rabbis who know the particular trainee personally. Important Note For Those Wishing to Research Study with Reb Eliyahu It is crucial to explain that if you have an interest in discovering to end up being a Sofer, the greatest quality you will require is to have within you the worry of God.

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We on this website offer you the chance to discover from us. Since we are not a self-supporting organisation worth millions of dollars, we charge for the Shiurim we offer. Payment for Shiurim is needed before Shiurim begin and need to be spent for ahead of time for a period of four Shiurim per period of our knowing.

We ask you to please not be in touch with us to lose our time (ברכה להדלקת נר שבת). Unfortunately, numerous individuals have wasted our time asking dozens of questions concerning what one needs to become a Sofer, asking for advice and even presuming as scheduling sessions which they say they will spend for later on and who never pay.

It is just disappointing that they have actually stolen from us in this method through a specific research study of Torah that perhaps needs the greatest level of Kedushah and sincerity. I tremble to believe that we reside in such a generation of Jews who are prepared to trick their fellow Jew into teaching them knowing full well the expenses involved, just to wind up not paying them (and even revealing appreciation!) As from the time that these couple of paragraphs have been contributed to this page, we will no longer have the ability to use whenever to those wishing to pursue their studies of Sofrut with us without payment upfront before the really first lesson.

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Please comprehend that we are not saying this since cash is the only thing that concerns us. On the contrary, we would be thrilled to do so much free of charge (having shown this already by the quantity of time we have actually provided in additional time going one-step above the letter of the law.) We teach and take part in truthful activities in order to try to make it through every month.

Those who are sincere and desire to pursue their studies to become God-fearing Sofrim are welcome to learn more and prepare themselves for the holiest of occupations. In addition, you stand the chance to take part in supporting another Sofer in being able to get through the most basic of month-to-month payments to live.

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Because of that it is essential that you buy your Mezuzot from a dependable source, a Sofer STa, M who is certified. (That is to state that he has actually been checked by one of certifying firms and is understood to be a Yerei Shamaim).

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